The Rules on Permits for HVAC Contractors

The Rules on Permits for HVAC Contractors

The Rules on Permits for HVAC Contractors

Home owners who are working through the process of installation or replacement of an old HVAC system you should always make sure that you choose a contractor who is state-licensed and thus can get building permit from the local city or county agency. This will help in avoid the expenses of penalty and possible installation modification. Building permits are great tool as they require a general third party inspection to make sure that the HVAC system is installed properly and is functioning in an efficient manner. Along with that they even verify whether the system meets the standards of Home Energy Rating System (HERS) and even carries out many more procedures as stated under the State Building Energy Efficiency Standards.

Violating the Rules on Permit Can Be Dangerous

In a recent survey that was carried out in California showed that there are many contractors who tell to their customers that they do not need any type of building permits when replacing a heating and cooling system. This is common with start up companes who do not want to deal withte hastle or cost of getting a permit.This has turned out to be a growing trend at many parts California, where contractors are violating the building permit as speculated under the state law. There were over 40% projects recorded which was carried out without any sort of building permit by HVAC contractors last year. ACHR News has a good article about the reprecussions for both homeowners and hvac contractors when permit requirements are not followed. Read about it HERE.

Violating the building permit law can be dangerous because this will not only affect the HVAC Company down the line eventyally lead to loosing their contractors license. Even worse is that it impacts the property owner. Not having a permit could impact their pocketbook because of necisary repairs found by the inspector, even worse it could effect their ability to sell their home when the time comes.

The Importance of Building Permits for HVAC Contractors and other FAQ

Getting permits is essential, just like any other home improvement project. Title 24 went into effect in 2005.

Do the requirements of building permits apply throughout the state of CA?

As mentioned above the requirements of building do not apply throughout the state of california. The testin requirements are primarily dependent upon the county because different areas have different air quality. Such requirements are never applied for those areas near the coastal region, however they need to get a building permit for installing HVAC system.

What does the contractors’ state license law apply under the permit rules?

Under the rules of the permit it clearly states that a contractor must be licensed to carry out any HVAC installation project at California.